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Welcome to Faculty of Law

Why Studying Law at UGM
Law has an ever-increasing impact on modern-day society. The role of law is growing and developing within the context of international relations, national structures, and relationships between individuals.

Our courses are designed to provide you with the challenge of an intellectual discipline in a subject of universal human interest. It does not matter what your nationality is. What you will need is a genuine interest in the law and sufficient motivation to study this challenging intellectual discipline. We welcome students from any countries and are particularly keen to help those who have little or no previous experience of living and studying in Indonesia.

The Faculty of Law has a long and well established tradition of legal education in Indonesia. This institution is well known as one of the oldest law faculties in the country and is recognised as one of the top faculties of law in this the country. The Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada has educated lawyers in Indonesia for more than half a century. There are now around 1800 undergraduate and graduate students pursuing an excellent legal education within the Faculty. Providing instruction for these students is a teaching staff of over 80 whose expertise extends across nearly every aspect of law.

Along with its Bachelor Degree in Law, the Faculty of Law has also established a Master Degree Program in International Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Business Law and Public Notary. In addition to this it also offers a Doctorate degree in law. The Faculty is home to a number of leading research centers, such as the Research Centre for Anti Corruption, the Center for Law and Agriculture, the Center for Intellectual Property Rights and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms.

The Law Faculty's innovative physical design, with its seminar rooms, multimedia room, debating room and mock court room, is the focus of academic life within the faculty. The Law Library, the West Law Collection and excellent computing facilities form an important set of resources for students. In addition to this, the Faculty maintains networks with important libraries from around the country. As well as academic studies, students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra curricular 'legal' pursuits. The Faculty of Law hosts a range of activities including national and international seminars, workshops, summer courses on specific subjects, guest lectures, formal meetings, informal gatherings, and moots (mock courts) activities. There are also community service activities run by lecturers and students such as Pro-Bono legal assistance for disadvantaged members of the community.

Graduates of the Faculty of Law are prominent in numerous branches of the legal profession such as the judiciary and in academic life. They have included judges of the District Court, Court of Appeal and even in the Supreme Court. Many of our graduates find employment within the legal departments of the Central and Local Government Administrations, industrial and commercial firms, banks, and international organisations. Others go on to become public figures, such as politicians and prominent practicing lawyers.

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